Company Info

Cyberjoy is a service provider company that offers the consumer, retailers, public and private institutions, an online Smart Ecommerce Portal on a TV screen monitor.

The Smart Ecommerce Portal consist on an online Interactive Advertisement, Selling and Purchasing services through an Android OS Computer connected to the internet and plugged into a TV screen Monitor in a household environment.

The interactive advertisement is divided in two groups the Active and Passive advertisers. The Active advertisement is display directly on the TV screen from Cyberjoy’s Advert Services and the Passive advertisement is display by the user while watching their favors private or public institutions Media On Demand content.

The Smart Ecommerce Portal, gives the consumer the facility to interact and transact in real time for a purchase and delivery service from a remote and chosen service provider or retailer. This remote transaction is accomplish by utilizing the Cyberjoy digital wallet that form part of the Smart Ecommerce Portal.

The real time interaction is done by means of clicking with an air mouse pointer on a TV screen advertisement window and starting an interactive cession by an online prompted commands website or a freely available VoIP call service provided by Cyberjoy.

This Smart Ecommerce Portal is supported by the Sustainable Rebate Revenue System (SRRS) provisionally patent and fully licensed to Cyberjoy South Africa.

The SRRS differs from the traditional online Ecommerce by creating a new sustainable way of marketing and buying products by giving the retailers a huge advantage on low cost TV screen advertisement on exchange for giving the consumer a substantial discounts rebates on every sell that is promoted on the TV screen.


The sustainability is created by:

  • For the retailer: a more low cost TV screen advertisement, more sales.
  • For the consumer: a more purchase from the system, more rebate discounts.



Mission statement

Cyberjoy is committed to utilize the latest communications technologies to provide an affordable service to the public in general providing the tools for an affordable way of getting information, telecommunications, purchase discounts, etc. while enjoying the view of free or pay content on a Screen Monitor or TV screen.